This page is really out of date. I was planning on doing some music stuff, but I got busy with work, school, etc. I’m not sure whether to try again or just sell my stuff. We’ll see.

Music is something I’m involved in. I started playing the guitar in 2000, and started an interest in electronic music in 2001. I tried to start a band, but every attempt fell through. From mid-2002 to early 2004, I worked hard to produce quality tracks of music, hoping to make a little album by the time I reached 18. However, I really couldn’t make anything good. Also, it was difficult balancing my musical ambitions with other things in life. Another thing was I was told by others (either explictly or implicitly) that I sucked and had no hope making anything useful, which of course discouraged me. By the middle of 2004, I stopped doing anything serious with music.

I actually surprised myself, because I improved so much from 2003 to 2004. I really don’t remember why I actually stopped. However, the past is past.

However, throughout this year, I’ve seen so many things that want me to get working again. Recently, while browsing the website of a great record company, I came across the song “I’ll Never Know” by Tre9. I do not have the lyrics on hand, but the song summarized my situation pretty well. You see, I want to make great sounding stuff, but I also want to minister. Anyway, the song inspired me to get out there and find the balance. Also, I finally decided to stick with it if anyone says I suck. In short, I don’t care anymore.

Now, I’m going to do it. There isn’t anything cool on this page right now, so please visit my page at Purevolume in the meantime. However, this page will become cool in the future.

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