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My name is Robert Dundon, or “Mr, Bob.” I current work as a software/web developer (It goes without saying, but posts here do not represent the opinion of my employer).

The handle “Mr. Bob” came in my mind when I was trying to pick a name for a Delphi community site (I forget the particular site). I pulled the handle out of my name and gender:

  • Male = Mr.
  • Robert = Bob

Make sense?

Anyway, if you haven’t figured it out already, either by looking around the site or knowing me somewhere else, I’m a believer in Yahweh (God) and His son, Jesus. Though I’ve been raised by two great God-loving parents, I made the ultimate decision to follow God by myself (The way it’s supposed to be) I’ve been through some challenges, with one particular challenge that ultimately led me to Christ.

I know there’s plenty of stuff out there that “proves” God and Jesus wrong, usually by showing the hypocrisy of religious institutions. I do believe much of Christianity is blinded and plagued by religion, man-made doctrine, and pride. Fortunately, I’ve been raised through a fellowship that cares about God. It’s important to understand that there’s mean dude out there named lucifer, and he likes to trick people. If he can do it by setting up false churches or starting unjust wars in God’s name, he’ll do it.

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