When someone mentions “freedom,” many people think of different things. Some think of political freedom. Some think of financial freedom. Some think of free software. While some of these freedoms are great, what is the most important form of freedom? What is the ultimate freedom?

I used to be very (read: too much) involved in politics. I used to be a conservative republican then later a libertarian. I used to be deeply concerned about political freedom. While there is nothing evil about political freedom, I was distracted from a greater freedom. I was focused on temporary forms of freedom. I wasn’t able to fully grasp and take advantage of the greatest freedom ever.

What freedom am I talking about? The freedom found through the son of the living God Yahweh.

You see, God sent his Son to save humanity, giving us the opportunity to be “born from above” and freed from our mistakes and damages.

In my case, I was the worst. I was a hopeless pornography addict for four years. Everything I tried on my own strengh failed. I could barely keep control of my mind thoughts. It was a constant struggle. Eventually I had “two selves”, one for God, and one for lust. Though this is a normal struggle as written in Romans Chap. 7, it was very hard as my “other self” was winning alot.

Though I realized He was my only hope early on, it took me some time to get the believing that I could be free. After I found this believing, I was able to break free and dispose of my “other self.”

Do I still make mistakes? Sure, but it is very cool to know that I can walk freely and confidently in Him. Even though I sometimes feel condemnation for my past (obviously from the adversary), I know that:

“. . . if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and knoweth all things.” – 1 John 3:20 (KJV)

If you are in a similar struggle, do not give up, even if you receive condemnation. Believe in the True Living God (Yahweh), and the good news, and that you can be free.

Here are some resources on becoming free (more to come):

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