Employed! (Again)

I recently got a new job a few weeks ago at a community college. Though I still do freelance web development for small businesses, this is a great stable job to grow in. So I now work part-time for Lord Fairfax Community College in northwestern Virginia. It’d be quite a drive (about an hour and a half), except I telecommute, which is quite nice.

It’s a great example of what the Father can provide. It’s the perfect amount of hours, with the right amount of work: not too far “above” or “below” my skill level. The people–including my boss–are great to work with. And did I mention the commute?

Anyway, the point is that Yahweh God always provides, and not only for me. It’d be one thing if I talked about how great deliverance I received, but that point is it works for anyone. I’ve seen so many answers to prayers–particularly concerning jobs–in the past few months. One person I know was looking for a job and found one in a swift amount of time. It was also closer to home. And one after another, there were jobs for people with not only decent pay, commute time, and other things, but also the perfect job for them. God knows us best, so he’s like the perfect recruiter.

Have you received such deliverance? If not, you’re past due. You’re not past it, though. I think I’ve missed some opportunities in the past, but he was there with greater deliverance than I expected. He’s always there to supply your needs.

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
– Philippians 4:19 (KJV)

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