Coffeehouses and Cycling

Because I have no “office” (except for the one at home, which is terribly unproductive at times), I often find myself at coffee shops around the Fredericksburg area, usually in the downtown area.

Today is one example why I believe the downtown area is more enjoyable than the Route 3 or Massaponnax (for those not in the area, very busy areas where most of the “big stores” are). Though I believe those areas have their places and are improving in some respects, downtown is still more enjoyable.

Anyway, on to my point: at the particular coffee shop I frequent there was someone sitting next to me on his laptop (like me). Eventually we talked and I found out he was trailblazing for the East Coast Greenway, basically an Appalachian Trail for bikes. He came down from Washington DC and is headed for Key West! He talked briefly about “being homeless, but in a good way,” and how Wi-Fi in a local coffee shop was great. He said he felt connected because of the technology he had, but disconnected because of his outdoor adventure. Sounds cool–and inspirational.

So what did I get out of this experience? Here are a few things:

  • People are trying to make the East Coast more enjoyable, including the DC area. Very cool.
  • Local businesses, such as coffee shops and restaurants: get wi-fi. It helps people out of town fell the comfort of connectivity and the adventure of being “local.”
  • Coffee shops and other places can be great to meet and chat with people. I’m not saying look for a date, but spontaneous conversations are a great way to make life here enjoyable.
  • I want to ride my bike now.

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