Condemnation & Forgiveness

This past week I’ve been receiving condemnation from the adversary. I made a mistake Friday night, and he put fear in my heart. The thing was, though, it was a mistake, and I know I have been forgiven of them in the past.

The devil used the misuse of Heb 10:26 to hurt me, concerning sins I did earlier. I had the same problem about a year ago, and pushed the verse to the side. However, I believe I have found the correct answer for the interpretation.

Now, I read quite a few long explanations that seem t go around in circles. So I decided to ask God. Later, by rightly dividing the Word, I found the answer.

Even with a close look at the verse, I think the verse says what says and means what it means. However, it has to be viewed in the light of the rest of the Word.

When David is confronted with his sin by Nathan the prophet, Nathan says that David “depised the commandment of God,” like how Hebrews 10:29 describes the sin in verse 26. However, David repented and found mercy, even though God didn’t explicitly say “unless you repent”. A similar occurrence occurs in Hezekiah’s life, when he is confronted by Isaiah, and a few other times. If that was the case in the age of the Law, how much more in the age of Grace?

God doesn’t want anyone to die, even in Acts 5 when the married couple decides to lie to God. He wants us to be with Him. He says (in Ezekiel I believe) that he doesn’t want the wicked to perish, but repent (change).

I know I was forgiven before, and I am forgiven now. I can speak in tongues, have prayers answered (surely by the Father), and have also backed it up with a rightly divided word. So I’m going to let my past get me anymore, thanks to the True God, His Son, and the mercy they have!

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