I just had my last English class this morning. I got a good grade on my research paper, so I will be posting it soon. I’m not done with everything; I still have Macroeconomics to finish. However, I don’t care about that class, so I’m done for the most part.

Now that this semester is over, I’m sure it’s possible that the speed of time flow will accelerate,only to slow down at the beggining of the sping. Since I’m aware of this, I must be prepared to make the most of my time. I will also pray for length of days, which always helps.

Anyway, now that the semester is over I have quite a few things to do:

  • I need to continue maintaining the Quantico Young Marines website I need to get in contact with somebody in order to integrate some database with the website. However, I lost his card and still haven’t been able to get a hold of him.
  • I’m also planning on redesigning the website of my co-worker’s band. You see, the design and usability isn’t appealing–at all.
  • I’ve been wanting to fix up my site for quite awhile now. I want to embed Gallery and Zina into WordPress seamlessly, so the site can have a uniform feel. I also want to set up Horde in order to have my RSS feeds, email, and calendar in one place. I currently use Gmail and the personalized Google home page, which is okay, but not spectacular.

    I did some changes during the semester. I switch to WordPress and started transfer my files to a better host. However, I want to finish the changes by the time spring starts. I especially want to finish the hosting transfer, as my term with MySiteSpace ends soon.

  • I also need to do some things outside the internet, of course. My ’96 Toyota Corolla is due for a timing belt replacement. Also, if I ever want to visit friends at Liberty or Appalachian State over a weekend, I need to replace my clutch.

    I’ve been procrastinating these two important tasks long enough. I really want to take care of them before it gets any colder outside.

There are other things, of course, but I won’t bother listing them. Anyway, enough of my writing, it’s time for doing.

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