In order to get my Associates in IT at Germanna, I need at least one economics course. So I’ve been taking Principles of Macroecomics (ECO 201). I’ve taken Austrian-based economics (The kind libertarians uphold) while being homeschooled, so I wanted to see what was “macroeconomics.” Most of the matierial is a bunch of garbage. I’ve been experiencing horrible grades because of it.

I know I have to try harder; I’ve already been doing so. Even though I try so hard, I’ve been doing so horrible because I feel so guilty knowing the truth behind issues like inflation. It’s like an FSF member pretending that Linux was an entire operating system created by Linus Torvalds on whim one day, making him the the founder of “free” software. It’s like an NRA member talking about the benefits of gun control. The person just can’t keep their conscience from screaming bloody murder. How can I honestly talk about the complications of inflation when I know a simple answer? How can I think in concepts of complicated formulas when I know everyday examples are more effective? How can I honestly write a two-to-three page paper for extra credit (which I need) on the successor of Alan Greenspan when I disagree with the existence of the Federal Reserve in the first place?

It’s not an issue of studying more or concentrating harder; it’s a matter of honesty. Hopefully I be able to pull through this. If not, I’ll do it again, but with a different mindset. I won’t be learning to believe, but learning to argue against. By understanding the reasoning behind this crap, I’ll be able to pass tests and argue against it.

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