The War in this World

I really don’t mind if people disagree with the Intelligent Design theory or the movement to teach it in public schools. But to dis my God? Now I’m pissed.

I’m so sick and tired of this bullshit these people put out. They talk of themselves being wonderful, tolerant, and loving people, but their actions show otherwise. They’re tolerant of everyone except those who follow Christ. Everyone’s “tolerated” and “accepted” except us. But their lies are transparent. Robert Ingersoll, a non-believer, wrote that the church must ultimately be destroyed. This is their true goal. Don’t be fooled by their sugar-coated words.

It doesn’t surprise me though, Jesus said they are already antichrists in the world (1 John 2:18). We’re in a war, but not with guns and tanks and bombs. This is a war for lives, the lives of everyone. Whose side are you on?

Church, we need to band together and fight this war. Enough of the man-made doctrines. Enough of the thick theology and pride. Enough of the silence and “tolerance” We need to band and stand together to fight this war.

You are soldiers, start acting like it. Let’s stop trying to “get through life.” We need to stand and fight for our God. We fight for our country. When someone disrespects our country’s troops, we object immediately. Why don’t we fight for our troops. Yahweh and Jesus’ troops?

Enough hiding, let’s stand up and fight.

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