Catching up with Life

Everything seems to be “crunching” together at one time (which is now). So instead of actually doing the things that need to be done, I’ll write about them.

College work is beggining to climax, at least that’s what it seems like. I have a midterm for economics which is due Thursday. I also need to finish a few things for English, such as the introduction for my research paper. However, I’m enjoying the class despite the fact I hated it at first.

On the 15th, I will be officially (honorably) discharged the Young Marines since I graduated high school (or more correctly, homeschooling at a high school level). I didn’t know this until last month. I assumed I would be able to remain in until I was 18. I guess that explains why the program says, “8 through completion of high school” now instead of, “8 to eighteen.” I’ve also been asked to become an adult staff member after I leave. I have the application and am still considering the option.

I have plans to upgrade my website (My “itch to code” is late.), but they have to wait. I already need to finish a website I’m already working on. After I finish my site though, I really want to get back into the business for designing websites again. However, I’m not sure if that would conflict with school, since I plan on taking 1 or 2 more courses next semester, and my current job, working 30/hrs. a week at a service station/automotive shop. We’ll find out.

I also have some other things planned, but I’ll post them seperately or keep them to myself.

Things seem to “crunch at this time of year for me. I also consider fall my summer. Unfortunately, no one else I know thinks the same about this season. This forces me to hold my “fall is summer” feelings until “the holidays.” It also increases the “crunch” effect on me. However, as I mentioned earlier, I’m “feeling brave.” I’m ready to take on my challenges with God beside, above, and inside me.

I’m ready.

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