Packin’ ‘n Washin’ Up.

Note: I’m sorry for the recent posts with terrible grammar and organization. I haven’t wrote that much in awhile. I’m also picking up bad habits from people at my workplace, a serivce station, it’s not exactly Yale. ;)

I got home from my job awhile ago (I work as a service station attendant). Now I’m going to take a shower and pack for my trip tommorrow.

You’re probably asking, “What trip?” I’m going to be at Liberty University in Lynchburg for a few days. I signed up for College For A Weekend to experience the college, or something like that. I probably won’t be going there because of lack of college money and other things. It’s not impossible, though; I might go there. Besides, I’ll be able to say I went to a university.

It seems that Jerry Falwell will be at a few of the parent and youth leader events. This causes my parents to believe that he attended Liberty. They don’t really agree with Falwell’s teachings. I didn’t know this until I saw the schedule in the mail. All the schedule reads is “Dr. Falwell,” perhaps it’s another Falwell. Oh well.

If there’s any trouble, I’ll do what God tells me, he’s pretty smart.

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