What is up with meh?

I’ve been pretty busy lately with many things.

First, I’ve been working a lot on schoolwork. I plan on getting my math curriculum, the last half of Saxon Algebra 2, finished by Christmas or New Year’s. So far, that goal has been a difficult one with a rough start. However, I am using a registered course with ClassicalFree.org, so I can get help from my tutor.

I am also working on is debate and rhetoric. I am moving quite steadily through the debate book, however, rhetoric is another story. Unfortunately, I did not pay money to get tutorial assistance on these courses, which I regret.

Another subject I am working on is economics. It is nothing too unfamiliar, since economics have been a substantial part of my curriculum since I started home schooling (Which was about 5 years ago).

Aside from school, I have several other things to do.

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