Open-Amp X3

These past couple of days I have been working on Open-Amp. But instead of working on the Delphi project, I have something else in mind.

Open-Amp X3 is my new idea for the Open-Amp Project. Instead of being a simple Delphi audio player, it will be based on Xmms, known widely as the “Winamp for [GNU/]Linux.” I plan on making a player based on Xmms that will work on GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and other platforms that support gcc.

Also, this player will be XML-powered. What do I mean by that? Well, I plan on making the first media player that uses the “verification” as explained in this article. This would help many indy artists who share their music to get exposure. Also, it would warn people if a song’s license was unknown or proprietary.

Some of you may be familiar when you open an audio or music file in Winamp, the “Minibrowser” sends a query to a music site (for example http://poo.con/getmus.cgi?artist=Dude&;Title=SomeSong&;Album=ShoesShack) and loads a web page in the Minibrowser. Instead of simply loading a web page in an embedded browser, how about loading an XML file? That way, the audio player can show the information any way it wants. This may also increase the of the player since there would be no need for a minibrowser, which could eliminate bloat problems and memory leaks.

But why the name Open-Amp X3? Look at the paragraphs above. This player is cross-platform (X-platform), Xmms-based, and XML-powered. That’s three X’s Also, the version number would be 3. It’s the perfect name.

However, these things aren’t easy. I’m not very familiar with C, so I’m going to need help on that. Furthermore, I built Xmms on Windows with Cygwin, but it doesn’t run as a regular Windows application. So if you’d like to contribute, any help would be appreciated.

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